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SEYCHELLESThe Seychelles Island is an African nation. The country has maritime boundaries with Comoros, Madagascar, Tanzania and Mauritius. It is the smallest nation in Africa.

Pirate hideout: During the early days, pirates used to seek Seychelles for their hideout. An infamous pirate, Olivier Le Vasseur, had treasure that probably lies in the island, at BelOmbre. The treasure is currently valued at 160 million US dollars. People from all over the world visit the Ste. Ann Marine National Park where Moyenne Island is located. There is a belief that the island is haunted by spirits that guards a buried and valued treasure.

Interesting Things: The capital city of Seychelles is Victoria, which is believed to be the smallest capital city in the world. The author of James Bond stories and novels,Ian Fleming, enjoyed tonic and ginger beer while on vacation at the Seychelles Islands . Ian named the character Milton Krest during that vacation. The first settlers arrived in the island in the 18th century. Despite its limited land mass, the islands dedicates almost half to national parks and game reserves. The government has strategies and policies for ecosystem conservation and environment protection. Did you know that the Seychelles has 155 islands? However, the country is the smallest nation in Africa, with roughly 452 square kilometres.

Why visit?Are you looking for a destination that offers fascinating opportunities to explore unique epidemic species? Then Seychelles should be a dream destination. The country is the proud home of the warbler, jelly fish tree, female Coco de Mer (world’s heaviest nut) and the paradise flycatcher. The jelly fish tree is among the rarest trees in the world, and only a handful of the specimen are left. The world’s heaviest tortoise living is found in Seychelles. The tortoise, named Esmeralda, weighs above 304 kilograms, and visitors see it at the Bird Island. Aride Island in the country provides a breeding site for seabirds thus the name seabird citadel of the Indian Ocean.

International Media Coverage: Seychelles hosted the Miss World Beauty Pageants in 1997 and 1998, giving the island great international media coverage. The event boosted the wealthy and charming tourism industry.

Friendly climate: The Seychelles Island enjoys a very friendly climate, temperatures range from 75 to 90 Fahrenheit. The weather is very humid, and the climate is constantly nice all the year. The island is out of the unfriendly zones that are affected by the cyclone belt, thus there no much winds are experienced. There is no snow storms due to the warmth enjoyed. The period between May and November has the most pleasant weather due to friendly light southern trade winds. This is the best for beach lovers.

Water Sports: while at Seychelles Islands, you can opt for wind surfing, adventurous dinghy sailing and other amazing sea sports. Paragliding, and water skiing and surfing equipment can be hired hourly while other hotels provide the activities for free to their guests. Diving is astounding at the island. The water temperatures reach 28 degrees Celsius and the underwater visibility is 30 meters. Divers have the chance to watch 300 different fish species and diverse variety of corals. Deep sea fishing and boating is provided by modern charter yachts.



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