Reasons to Visit Senegal

Senegal DakarSenegal, a West African country, has a lot of fascinating features for their visitors. The country is a popular destination in Africa. Expect to find a vibrant city, Dakar, with good nightclubs and beautiful markets.The country has a rich cultural background which the residents have stuck true to with unique and traditional African retreat for visitors. What you can explore needs more than a one visit to the country. Scenery ranges from fine sandy beaches, fascinating colonial towns that are remnant to date, beautiful rivers such as the Senegal River to excellent cuisine and services. The country has remained undiscovered to holiday makers but popularity is growing to make Senegal a favourite destination for international travellers. You will always find charming scenery, activity, cuisine, culture or a dish that will easily make you love the country.

The country enjoys fine sandy beaches since the country borders the Atlantic Ocean. The climate there is friendly since the country has a tropical climate. It is hot and humid most of the year providing a perfect weather for a lovely easy beach holiday. The country also enjoys some rain between May and November. The rain and the mighty rivers such as River Senegal and Casamance provide fertile land for the agricultural activities.

Are you a wildlife lover? Did you know that the climate and the fertile waters from Senegal’s big rivers provide a good environment for a wealth of wildlife such as birds, raptors and other mammal species? Senegal treats its visitors with breathtaking opportunities to watch monkeys, hyenas, warthogs, manatees, baboons and the beautiful dolphins. Saly area is well known as the home of great deal of wildlife. Bandia Nature Reserves welcomes visitors who get a priceless chance of watching freely roaming animals like rhinos, giraffes, antelopes and many more.

Senegal has appeared on international headlines for many years due to the historic Paris-Dakar Rally. The rally covers a course from France to Senegal. The historic rally event has led to establishment of industrial investments in Senegal.The event welcomes visitors who find the charming nature of the country’s exuberance on the culture, music and a fascinating African cuisine.

The thriving culture draws from centuries of Senegal’s tribal history, as well as improvements from other culture infiltrations. The culture thrives in Senegal’s local music, storytelling, architecture, cuisine, dishes and dressing. Senegalese people are warm and friendly to everyone due to their pristine adherence to traditional way of living that values respect, hospitality and good behaviours among the people.

The food is amazing and excellent. The hotels practice professionalism since they are French owned with French chefs who ensure high standards. International meals as well as sweet local dishes mostly from fresh seafood and agriculture produce are served.

The beautiful scenery, unchanged cultures, tropical climate suitable for a lazy and easy holiday, population’s excellent hospitality and best traditional dishes makes Senegal a destination that has a lot to offer and to be discovered.

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