What you need to know about Mauritius

mauritiusMauritius is a small island formed from volcanic activity in the Indian Ocean, near South Africa, east of Madagascar Island. Despite its small size, Mauritius is a fascinating and top destination for travellers.  The country is the most densely populated African Nation, and the 17th in the world. The country is among African richest nations. The country has a life expectancy at 73, the highest level among all developing nations.

Interesting facts: Dodos were found only in Mauritius Island and nowhere else in the whole world. The legendary flightless bird became extinct, but still remains Mauritius’ national bird. The country maintains no standing army. Unlike many countries that receive gifts with both hands, Mauritius uniquely prefers to receive presents with the right hand only.

Top Tourist Destination: Historically, Mauritius Island was a desolate tropical Eden that has converted and developed to a fully vibrant and multicultural island with the human advent. The island presents a world of enchanting beauty, paradise and prosperity. The island is dream come true for tourists who enjoy viewing natural beauty and island’s enchanting and charming sports. There are fascinating white sandy beaches and unspoiled and cobalt-blue Indian Ocean waters. The country enjoys multi ethnic backgrounds offering potpourri that combines African experience with that of French, India and Chinese. Mauritians are filled with humility and charm, offering hospitality and care everywhere in the island. The official national language is English, making it easy and efficient to communicate. Additionally, French is commonly used for general communication. A travel to Mauritius gets better and enthralling with a visit to the seven coloured earth, a well-known attraction in the island. The tourist attraction gives travellers a chance to watch seven coloured sand dunes, with the colours red, violet, brown, purple, yellow, blue, violet and green. It almost makes a rainbow.

The Flag: Mauritian flag has four colours, red, blue yellow and green. Red colour reminds the citizens about the blood that was shed during the struggle for independence and freedom. The blue colour is a representation of the Indian Ocean that surrounds the Island. Yellow is for the golden sunshine, and a representation of the bright and promising future of Mauritius. Green is a representation of the lush and beautiful vegetation of the nation.

Membership: The Island maintains a healthy relationship with the international community. The country is at peace and has no civil enmity despite the diverse ethnicity. Mauritius has membership with the World Trade Organization, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, the Indian Ocean Commission, COMESA, the Southern Africa Development Community, La Francophonie and the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

The Economy: The economy of Mauritius is driven by the high income generating tourism sector, information and communication technology, effective financial services and systems, hospitality, fascinating and irresistible sea foods, property development, renewable energy, education and healthcare services. Incorporating all these factors made World Bank to rank Republic of Mauritius as number one African nation for Ease of Doing Business. Other prestigious awards to the island include the 2012 World Leading Destination award at the World Travel Awards and the World’s Best Beach Destination Award.




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