Facts about Uganda

Mount_Khadam,_UgandaUganda is an East African country known for its rich wildlife. The country is landlocked and it is 800 km far from the Indian Ocean. Uganda is bordered by Rwanda and Tanzania to the south, Kenya to the east, Sudan to the north, and Zaire on the west. The country has a surface area of 241, 139 sq.km, an area almost twice the size of the state of Pennsylvania. The country is very magnificent such that Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as “The Pearl of Africa.”

Wildlife: Uganda boasts of a well developed tourist infrastructure for visitors who enjoy watching wildlife. The country has diverse bird’s species, just over 1060, representing 11% of the birds found in the world. Also the country is the destination to visit if you need to find the endangered mountain gorillas. Statistics shows us that Uganda is home to almost 480 out of 880 mountain gorillas. The endangered mountain gorillas are not found anywhere else in the world apart from Uganda’s Mhahinga and Bwindi parks, and a few in other African countries. Another interesting fact is that Uganda is home to more Chimpanzees than any other East African country.

The People: Ugandans are well known for their warm  hospitality and style of welcoming a visitor. A visit to the village gives you an enjoyable moment with the way Ugandans warmly welcome and treat you. The children scream with joy upon seeing a guest, and greetings are more than a handshake. They will hug you before starting a friendly conversation. The citizens love trees, and they follow the rule of planting three trees after cutting one. Ugandans love using bicycles that keep them fit. 50% of the population is under the age of 14. Ugandans honour special guests with a meal of well fried grasshoppers, one of the country’s favourite treats. Ugandan women do most the work needed to build traditional mud house while men install the roofing.

The Food: An irresistible and delicious meal called matoke is very popular in Uganda. The traditional plantain banana is cooked in banana leaves. The traditional dish is well served with meat stews, animal liver, stomach intestines, literally, a cook in Uganda wastes nothing. A meal of delicious ugali is made from maize or other starches. It even gets more interesting when you take waragi after a meal. The liquor is prepared from banana gin and its comparable to hard liquors.

What to do? Shopping in Uganda’s capital Kampala is one of the most interesting and fascinating activity due to the products and service that demonstrate a mixture of the present and the past. There are a mixture of simple and complicated products from African and overseas elements. Shopping complexes such as Garden City is home to luxury goods and treats. The local markets have fresh fruits and vegetables that give a feel of the real spirit of Uganda. The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) is a must visit by anyone who is looking for leisure and educational tour with the wildlife. UWEC is home to indigenous, orphaned, ill, endangered and confiscated species. Uganda has many hills that provide an amazing experience for hikers, ranging from novice to experts.


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