Facts about Morocco

moroccoWith an area covering 446,550 square km of land,  Morocco is about the same size as that of the state of California. Morocco is located in the northern part of Africa along the strait of Gibraltar. The country enjoys great scenery due to the fact that it borders the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between western Sahara and Algeria. Although Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco Rabat is its capital city. The population in Morocco is slightly over 32 million people. Berber and Arabic are the official languages. The country speaks also French, English and Spanish. Morocco enjoys a pretty stable economy.

Interesting Facts: More than 90% of the population are Muslims, with the rest being Christians and Jewish. The cities have mosques and beautiful towers called Minarets as well as market areas commonly known as bazaars. Moroccans like using kisses on the cheek as a form of greetings between two people who know each other. The country provides exotic places for shooting movies such as Gladiator in the year 2000. You can be considered impolite in Morocco if you refuse to eat meat or if you handle food with the left hand. Moroccans are friendly people who avoid arguments by settling a matter with the words ‘Insha Allah’, which means let it be if it’s God’s will.

Foods: Travellers enjoy their popular beverage made of green tea, mint and sweetened with sugar. What about their dishes? The famous Moroccan dish, couscous, is made of granules of durum wheat, cooked by steaming and served with meat stew, or enjoyed with spooned vegetable stew for the vegetarians. The dish is amazing, and French people voted it as their third favourite meal in 2011 study by TNS and the first in east of France.

Sports:  The popular sport in Morocco is football. They have a strong national team which has dominated in the world titles for a long time now. In 1986, the Morocco was the first African and Arab country to make it to the second round of the prestigious World cup.

Education Roots: The country is believed to have the oldest university in the world. Al Qarawiyin University, in the city of Fes, was founded in 859. The university is an Arabic educational institution.

Climate: The climate is friendly with hot summers most of the year and mild cool winters experienced in some parts of the country. The winter is mild, with dusting snow in the northern parts, making it possible to ski in Oukaimeden, for the lovers of the sport.

Fascinating Cities: The country enjoys a fascinating imperial city of Marrakech with median filled shops and cafes as well as artisans. This is a major tourist attraction for the people visiting Morocco. The imperial city, located at the foot of Atlas Mountains, is beautiful and full of history. It forms the cultural centre of Morocco. Fes, the oldest of the country’s imperial cities, has gorgeous mosques and tanneries. People who love the beach can visit Essaouira, a Moroccan coastal town with fascinating amazing seafoods and lovely beaches.

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