Facts about Kenya

maasai-tribe-kenyaWith a size almost that of Texas state in the US, and an area larger than France Kenya is beyond doubt a country with contrasts. Kenya lies on the equator with Indian ocean bordering it on the south-east and Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh-water lake, on the west. It became a republic on 12th December, 1963 with Nairobi as the capital city. It’s unlikely you have heard everything about what Kenya has to offer. Kenya is a major tourist destination due to the unrivalled wealth of animals such as leopards, elephants, lions, buffalo and many more.

Amazing Places in Kenya: the most beautiful place for a lazy beach holiday is at the Kenyan coast. The coastline has charming white sand and electric blue crystal seawater. The Kenyan coast offers an opportunity for sea adventures. Ever heard the name Masai Mara hit international headlines? The place offers home to wildlife and diverse local tribes. Did you know that Prince William proposed to Kate in an isolated log cabin, thousands of miles away from the palace? Yes, it happened in Mt Kenya, one of the favourite hideaways, surrounded by hyenas, elephants, leopards and buffaloes. Why would he pick Kenya!? Prince William has often wished to be back to this place, after slipping his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring onto his sweetheart’s finger. Lamu offers an irresistible appeal due to the friendly locals and the historical villages and Swahili culture. Tsavo East and Tsavo West are fascinating places for safari, offering some of the diverse landscapes and wildlife in Africa. One of the country’s best kept secret that should be explored and appreciated is Lake Nakuru. Watching the birds life at the lake and the surrounding national park is just the best experience ever.

Kenyan Food: Kenya has a list of undeniably food rich of ethnic diversities. Ugali served with saucy stew and vegetables makes a delicious meal. A famous dish is irio, made of mashed peas and potato, a meal common in the Kikuyu tribe. The heavy and hearty food is well served with roasted nyama choma, and some kachumbari (made of raw onions and tomatoes). Kenyan pilau is a sweetly and glorified cooked rice mixed with flavours of bursting spices such as cardamom, cloves, cumin and cinnamon. The pilau has an amazing fragrant. While at the coast, enjoy wali wa nazi, rice made from the coconut. Grated coconut meat is cooked with rice creating a sweet fragrant twist, and enjoyed served with fresh fish from the shores of Indian Ocean, some fresh vegetables or enticing chicken curry.

The Culture and People: Kenya has a fascinating culture that remains unspoiled for thousands of years.  The country has 42 tribes who pride in unique language, food, dance, customs, literature and food. The tribes share Swahili and English languages that bridge the communication gap, uniting the communities and tribes as a single nation. The people are hospitable and friendly. In some ethnic affiliations, it’s customary to hand-shake when you meet people, and to maintain an eye contact. Families are treasured and are usually large.

Kenyan Sports: The country has gained popularity through the runners who are renowned worldwide. Kenya has the best athletes in middle and long distance races, holding most world records in these races. The country is well known for the award winning legends such as the famous Kipchoge Keino and Samuel Wanjiru.

Music, Dance and Art: Luo ohangla and Kikuyu Mugithi, are some of the diverse Kenyan music that dig deep into the local culture. The music is backed by guitars and drum. Enjoy the popular smooth taarab music while at the coast. The strong oral tradition is well presented at the Kenya National Theater art and cultural music center.

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